Austin Area Code Split – 512 and now… 834

Austin, TX 4/1/11

The North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA), announced that an additional area code (834) will be added to split up the existing 512 area code in Austin due to rapid city population growth. The 834 area code will apply to south Austin starting near the Oltorf area and extending south. All central and northern Austin phone numbers will retain the 512 area code. Dialing operations from the region affected by the 834 area code to a 512 area code number will require dialing by 1+10 digit dialing. This change will apply to both wireline and wireless services.

“Austin has seen an influx in new residents, notably from the California and New York areas and has experienced a 37.3% population growth since the year 2000,” city official, Garrett Anderson, said. “We were bound to exhaust our numerical resources eventually.”

Consumers who will be obtaining the new 834 area code will be required to reprogram their wireless phones and will be contacted by their wireless provider starting Monday morning through April 21 with details on how to make the change. Failure to make the change prior to April 30 will result in a loss of service and loss of telephone number if located outside of the proper area code jurisdictions.

In addition to phone changes, the city said that those living within the new 834 area code can expect changes to their tax forms for 2011. Since the full activation of the code zoning takes place after the obligatory legal tax submission date of 4/18/11 (due to the District of Columbia Emancipation Day extension), any taxes filed for 2010 are not to be affected in any way by the area code split.

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